Student Gaming Championships
Weekly Gaming League

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The UK's first inter School, College and Uni weekly gaming league

Season Two begins Feb 2016 so get your teams in now.

For all students

Student Gaming Champions (SGC) is a weekly gaming leagues designed specifically for ALL students aged 13+

Worldwide Feb 2016

Season one began in October 2015 in the UK, however Season 2 onwards (Feb 2016) will be worldwide.

Played at home

Whilst most games are team based the leagues can be played weekly in the comfort of your own home. (No need to travel).

Weekly Games

This not a tournament but a league. Think of Fifa for gaming...but with no Sepp Blatter

How to get involved

How Student Gaming Championships works

Teams from Schools, Colleges and Universities choose the games they want to play and submit team requests using the form linked below.


You get onto our forum and start watching/learning from the current season! (Website coming soon)


You play your weekly games as per the schedule and submit results. Select games will be live streamed!

Games in Season TWO

Smite Student Esports League

Smite Student League

5v5 (+ 2 subs)
Counter Strike Go Student League

CS:Go Student League

5v5 (+ 2 subs)
League of Legends Student League

League of Legends Student League

5v5 (+ 2 subs)
Dota 2 Student League

Dota 2 Student League

5v5 (+ 2 subs)
Smash Bros Student League

Smash Bros Student League

Wii U
Caal of Duty Advanced Warfare Student League

Call of Duty Student League

PS4 +Xbox One
4v4 (+ 2 subs)
Halo 5 Student League

Halo 5 Student League

Xbox One
4v4 (+ 2 subs)

Become an ambassador

Being an ambassador for SGC has been a great experience. I've had direct support from the SGC team in recruiting teams and it has really motivated our gaming society. Great for my CV too. Ambassador 1 photoKen Hoebelt
Ambassadors are highly motivated individuals that would love to help us grow. We give Ambassadors valuable training and experience whilst they increase awareness of our league (and motivate teams to apply). Ambassador 2 photoDeepak Pathak (SGC Boss)
We are looking to place amabasadors in every institution. You will help recruit teams and help create a great atmosphere in your institution. To apply to become an ambassador please fill out the form below.

Student Gaming Championships Timetable

Game Times:


Games played between time stated

  • 5.30-8pm - Call of Duty
  • 7-9.30pm - Smite
  • 7-9.30pm - CS:GO

Game Times:


Games played between time stated

  • 5.30-8pm - Halo 5
  • 7-9.30pm - Dota 2

Game Times:


Same times each week

  • 5.30-8pm - Smash Bros
  • 7-9.30pm - League of Legends
  • 7-9.30pm - Heroes of the Storm

Enter your teams by clicking the button below

As some teams were having issues with our document we have created above link.
Remember signup ends 27th Jan 2016.

Please try our forum first for any questions you may have

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